• Metal Lined arch wire slot
  • Translucent, highest quality material
  • Removable color coded ID Dot
  • Rounded Corners
  • Compound contour base
  • Generous tie wing area
  • Dove tail grooves

Glass bracket system has metal lined wire slots. The aesthetic appearance is glass like and virtually gives a clear look. It is economically viable option when compared to its other ceramic counterparts.


  • Reliable, translucent make of the bracket gives it a clear aesthetics.
  • Easy identification and accurate placement of Glass brackets is possible with the removable color coded ID dot on each bracket.
  • The metal slot is made up of nickel free alloy and thus is suitable for nickel sensitive patients. Engaging the metal archwire through the metal slot gives a positive effect to the sliding mechanics of the teeth.
  • Utmost patient comfort is attained with rounded corners and compound contour base.
  • Bonding and debonding of Glass brackets is similar to that of metal brackets.
  • Strong bonding to the tooth surface is achieved due to its dove tailed grooves at the base.
  • Generous tie wing area and contoured tie wing makes the process of ligation easy and secure.

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